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Remember to Plan Your Life After Law Enforcement

I was directed to this link from a colleague on LinkedIn regarding the issues of LE Officers retiring and suicides of retired of officers.  It is sad to hear, read and talk to other officers on the job and retired, recently retired who have gone through or are going through rough times.  Retirement is not an easy decision for many as "leaving the job" you do not necessarily "leave" it. It always remains part of you. However, I always tell others on the job "plan your life for after law enforcement NOW before year 25 or 30 get here".  I started my consulting firm 17 years ago and ran it while still on the job. I am thankful as it keeps me very busy. There is a lot of work out there if you just want to carry a gun and do security. Or, there are other business areas to focus on such as real estate, loss prevention specialist for the big box stores, etc.  Also, work out, go for walks, do a little travel and take some time to reflect and then plan the ideas and GRIND.  Don't let the career time catch up to you and suddenly PANIC mode sets in. Any questions, thoughts or ideas, don't hesitate to reach out to me.

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