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Webinar: How To Safeguard Your Extra Duty Program

Extra Duty programs provide a ton of benefits for officers who are eligible to work details, but have you ever considered what could go wrong?

And if so, do you know how to prevent or correct scenarios such as detail assignment mishaps, incidents caused by officer fatigue, or grievances filed due to unfair job awarding processes?

Rich Milliman, CEO of Extra Duty Solutions, shares insights into the “cause and effect” theory that many extra duty programs face across the country.

In this webinar, he lays out a strategic road-map to ensure that your agency is prepared to handle these issues and have the knowledge to prevent such scenarios from happening in the future.


For those who missed our last webinar, we’ll provide a brief recap where we discussed everything that could go wrong with an extra duty program, including financial and legal risks, unfairness allegations, and illegal behavior.

RISKS TO YOUR MUNICIPALITY: In just 5-minutes, we’ll take a deep-dive into how unsafe behavior from a working officer and risks due to detail assignment issues negatively impact a municipality.

RISKS TO OFF-DUTY OFFICERS: Although extra duty details provide additional income for officers who are looking to make an extra buck, it also comes with plenty of risks. We’ll deliver insights into how are affected by working too many hours, agreeing to tasks during their details that contain legal liability ramifications, and much more.

DETAIL SCHEDULING MISHAPS: Complex, poorly understood, or poorly thought out detail award systems can lead to arguments and union grievances. We’ll share how unfair awarding processes can impact both the officers eligible for those details, the off-duty job coordinator as well as the agency.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH CHIEF ZEBROWSKI: EDS’ Marketing Director, Dom Mauro, conducts a one-on-one interview with Sayreville, New Jersey’s Chief Of Police, John Zebrowski. Chief Zebrowski shared what life was like at his agency before hiring a 3rd party administrator, and how the burden and risks associated with their extra duty program have since been alleviated.

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