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The aftermath of COVID-19 has created a very stressful environment for many organizations, especially those in the public safety sector. As a leader in law enforcement, you may have already begun or anticipate significant budget cuts over the next two fiscal years due to the financial hardships generated by the coronavirus pandemic. With proper oversight, your law enforcement agency’s extra duty (off-duty employment) program can be a profitable entity for your city.

Join Extra Duty Program Operations Expert and CEO of Extra Duty Solutions, Rich Milliman, for an information-packed webinar providing extra duty program best-practices during a pandemic.


  • Learn how an extra duty program administration partner can relieve your agency of the administrative burdens associated with these programs while taking on the financial risks such as bad debts from unpaid invoices and float costs.
  • Discover methods to increase your agency and municipality’s revenue streams through your extra duty program.
  • Gain insights into what a well-rounded extra duty program looks like from special guest and law enforcement leadership trainer and presenter Paul Butler.

Rich Milliman, CEO Extra Duty Solutions

Paul Butler, Paul Butler Presentations

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