National Cooperative Contracts

National purchasing contracts streamline the procurement process by offering ready-to-use contracts that have been competitively solicited. Because their RFP process is quite rigorous, your agency may be able to avoid the time-consuming task of writing its own RFP.

PCA Contract

  1. In most cases, becoming a PCA member (registration is FREE) is all you need to do to enter into a vendor agreement with EDS. (Note: If your state requires an Interlocal Agreement with PCA, it will be emailed to you when you register with PCA.)
  2. The PCA-EDS contract is your contract. You can obtain due diligence documentation within 48 hours (e.g., verification of newspaper notices, the original solicitation document, evaluation, and award notice) by emailing [email protected] with the contract number and title shown below.
  3. To complete the process, your agency and EDS will sign a User Agreement that details the negotiated services and rates. (Note: Supplemental agreements are allowed.)

Use this contract number and title on your purchase order:

PCA OD-370-22
Extra Duty Police Officer Details and Scheduling Services
NCSA logo

NCSA Contract

  1. Any agency can utilize this contract and there is no fee to use the program. You do not need to be a member of the NCSA, nor must you register with the association.
  2. Visit the Hart Halsey d/b/a Extra Duty Solutions listing and click on the red hotlinks under “Build File” and “Options File” to see what EDS offers.
  3. Contact EDS to discuss how we can help manage your off-duty program.
  4. Within 10 business days of signing the document, email a copy of the contract to [email protected].

Use this contract number and title on your purchase order:

NCSA Bid 24-04-0222
Technology Procurement Program
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