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For several years, EDS and Jivasoft enjoyed an exclusive partnership, and in June of 2019, leadership from both organizations agreed to merge to provide a one-stop shop for law enforcement leaders who want best of breed scheduling software and extra duty administration services for their agency.

The acquisition gave EDS the ability to add Jivasoft’s flagship public safety scheduling products to their suite of offerings.

When combined, Jivasoft’s police officer scheduling systems and EDS’ extra duty program services give police departments complete transparency into on and off duty work schedules.

On Duty Scheduling Software

On Duty Scheduling Software does much more than scheduling. Sure, it can help you schedule your employees efficiently, meeting your staffing needs and filling coverage gaps. We also track attendance, help your employees schedule vacations and other leave time, and facilitate schedule change requests and supervisor review.

On Duty helps you manage work assignments. It accrues benefit time and tracks compensatory time and overtime. On Duty supports multi-level time card approvals and exports timekeeping information to your payroll system. In short, On Duty is a complete solution to automate your human resources operation.

Benefits of Our Software

Keeping your organization staffed is just one of the challenges every organization faces. Jivasoft has the tools you need to streamline your operations, increase accountability and control costs in an ever changing world.

  • Powerful scheduling tools help you handle the real world complexity of a 24/7 operation.
  • Anticipate staffing problems and make adjustments ahead of time
  • Customizable staffing rules alert employees and supervisors when schedule changes will negatively impact operational readiness.
  • Improve fairness in handling time off requests, distributing overtime and allocating off duty employment.
  • Transparency reassures your employees that everyone is treated fairly.
  • Empower your staff to manage their work life, anywhere, anytime from any connected device.
  • Your employees always know what’s going on with their schedule without having to call or stand in line outside their supervisor’s door.
  • Supervisors can manage their employees from their desktop or on the go.
  • Streamline your scheduling, attendance, timekeeping and payroll preparation.
  • Automate communications through e-mail and text message notifications.
  • Save Trees! Eliminate archaic paper-based tracking and documentation. Time slips and paper time sheets go away.
  • Manage overtime costs with powerful reporting tools that can predict payroll costs while helping you meet required staffing levels.
  • Built in overtime approval workflow ensures that all overtime is authorized and tracked.
  • Get a clear view of where and how overtime is used. Monitor overtime trends and identify potential abuse.
  • Internal audit trails and reports ensure that everyone is accountable for what they do.
  • Our cloud-hosted solutions provide state of the art security and encryption to protect your sensitive information.
Perfectly Crafted for the Public Safety World

Our software scheduling solutions have been carefully designed to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s public safety world – for now and into the future.

We deliver state-of-the-art technology, so public safety leaders like you have all the tools to schedule your staff, track attendance effectively, manage overtime and more.

  • Complete, Straightforward Solutions
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Customer-First Approach
  • Free, Individualized Setup, Training & Rollout


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