“By partnering with EDS, we have become more efficient in managing our extra-duty program and the quality of service provided to our community. Their customizable solution ensures that our policies are followed while making it simple to request an officer, complete the paperwork, and pay our agreed-upon rate. It has relieved my staff from the burden of scheduling jobs and has provided my officers with more timely information and control over their off-duty shifts.

EDS’ 24/7 operations center team have become valued members of our police department team and represent us to our community in a professional way.”

Chief (Ret.) John Letteney
Thomasville, GA Police Department
Vice President, IACP

“Before we hired Extra Duty Solutions, off-duty scheduling and billing was a full-time job. Since bringing EDS onboard, I’ve been able to reassign our civilian clerical worker, which has resulted in significant savings to the Township. My officers also appreciate receiving job availability notifications via email and text.”

Chief Ray Hayducka
South Brunswick, NJ Police Department

“EDS was an instant solution to problems we didn’t even know we had. As we investigated the options, we learned that some officers were being paid cash for working off-duty jobs, that the tracking was poor, we had almost zero accountability, and had issues with favoritism that was impacting morale. EDS corrected all of that and we don’t pay a dime for their services.”

Chief (Ret.) Jeffrey Smythe
Burlington, NC Police Department

“Extra Duty Solutions has provided our agency with a structured, equitable mechanism for managing our off-duty work, with a minimal man-hour investment.”

Chief (Ret.) James Hughes
Maricopa, AZ Police Department

“Extra Duty Solutions (EDS) continuously provides excellent customer service. The Extra Duty Solutions team provides prompt and friendly support and follow through. They listen and customize their services based upon the department’s needs and requests. Transferring management of off duty officer job requests from department personnel to EDS was an efficient move for our department and a smooth transition.

We were recently faced with some hindrances presented by a construction company not wanting to comply with City Code and use Maricopa Police Department officers through EDS for a major roadway project. Adam Bryan was diligent in ensuring EDS was compliant with all of the roadway project requirements which eventually left the construction company with no further excuses for not using our officers.”

Meredith McLean
Former Off Duty Coordinator
Maricopa PD

“We are a large department for our state with around 260 sworn personal. As the person responsible for overseeing our off-duty jobs program I can say without a doubt that Extra Duty Solutions has helped me and our officers tremendously. Like most departments I have other job responsibilities. Teaming up with Extra Duty Solutions has given me more time to focus on my main responsibilities. The officers like EDS because they are paid every two (2) weeks and the jobs are posted and scheduled in a fair and consistent manner. Can’t say enough good things about Adam, Rich and the others at Extra Duty Solutions.”

Lieutenant Craig Snider
Murfreesboro Tennessee Police Department

“EDS is the most client-centered vendor I have ever hired and their services have been embraced by our rank and file, the unions, and senior management.”

Chief James P. Abbott
West Orange, NJ Police Department

“EDS is a very impressive company, providing administrative services to the Township in an efficient, effective and professional manner, enabling us to be in compliance with the Division of Local Government Services directives.”

John Gross
CFO, West Orange NJ

“Since 2016, the West Orange Engineering Division and our contractors have used Extra Duty Solutions to provide off-duty police to direct traffic for various road construction and utility projects. EDS is extremely responsive and make hiring an officer—or canceling a job due to weather—as simple as making a phone call, even if it’s early in the morning.”

Town Engineer L. Lepore
West Orange, NJ

“Partnering with Extra Duty Solutions has saved us a tremendous amount of time and resources. We now have a program that is not only cost-free but one that runs more efficiently than ever. Our officers appreciate being paid promptly for their work and we appreciate that EDS accepts the financial risk and manages the float, so we don’t have to.”

Chief Andrew J. Lavoie
Nashua, NH Police Department

“Now Extra Duty Solutions is running our off-duty program, the lieutenant who was once in charge of our program has time to do his actual job, our records clerks no longer have to chase down unpaid or overdue invoices, and our officers no longer complain about fairness in the job-awarding process.”

Chief David Irizarry (Ret.)
Metuchen, NJ Police Department

“Hiring Extra Duty Solutions was the smartest thing we ever did.”

Terri F.
Haddonfield, NJ Police Department

“EDS has greatly reduced the time required managing our extra-duty program. EDS fully understands our jurisdictional overlaps and we can attest to the efficiency of their 24-hour operation. We’ve even received several deputy compliments lately. We should have hired EDS years ago!”

Extra Duty Supervisor Roni Everett
El Paso County, CO Sheriff’s Office

“I’m LOVING it! My workload has been more manageable and I am able to focus on other areas now. Those using it have had no complaints about it (even after tax returns!).

Thanks again for all the help and I appreciate you checking in on us.”

Sergeant Daniel J. Ciminna
Monroe Police Department

“One of the best things we did was join forces with EDS as you have been an unbelievable partner!”

Chief (Ret.) James H. Bongiorno
Caldwell, NJ Police Department

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