Featuring Rich Milliman and Amanda Coleman

Highlighting the Dark Side of Retiring from Law Enforcement

Death by suicide is a growing issue for police officers, not just for those still working active duty, but also for those who have retired. In fact, since 2016, Blue H.E.L.P. has reported 807 instances when a police officer took their own life.

Extra Duty Solutions’ CEO Rich Milliman and Founder of Irish Angel Amanda Coleman here discuss the challenges law enforcement professionals face when it comes to planning for retirement and finding purpose in a post-law enforcement life.

35 min. runtime

When The Dust Settles: Overcoming Mental Health Challenges In Life After Law Enforcement

Featuring Rich Milliman & Brian Fleming
Brian Fleming of Peer Support Services offers much-needed assistance to law enforcement professionals who struggle with their mental health and well being. In this interview, Brian shares his struggles in life after law enforcement and explains how he now helps our brothers and sisters in blue live healthier lives.


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