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Extra Duty Program Administration

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Client Interaction


Client Invoicing

Officer Payment
Financial Risk Mitigation
Legal Risk Mitigation

Benefits Summary

We leave the decision making with you: program rules, rates, etc. – while we take on the full administrative burden.

We transfer the cost of operating the program from your department and the taxpayer base to the clients of the program.

Clients who use the program pay for it; nobody else pays.

We “free up” the individuals who are currently administering the program so they can focus on other department needs likely more consistent with their skills, interests and tenure level.

Our call management infrastructure is the same technology used by several best-in-practice major corporate customer service centers. Our service provides full transparency into program activities, finances, details and client activities along with highly flexible and robust reporting for department leadership.

All client calls, client emails and our records for your agency are kept for seven years.

The risk of favoritism or unfairness accusations is mitigated. Financial risk is completely eliminated: legal risk can be mitigated.

On Duty Scheduling Software

Extra Duty Solutions can provide your agency with best-in-class public safety scheduling software through our subsidiary, Jivasoft – often at no charge to your agency.


What We DON’T Do

We don’t work directly for your customers/ vendors.

We only work for you and have agreements with your municipality – not your customers/ vendors. If we worked directly for your customers/ vendors – entities who are hiring your officers to work extra duty, we would have conflicts of interest.

We have not signed vendor agreements which would require us to indemnify those entities, given them rights of selection or other concessions which would be in conflict with your agency’s best interests and processes.

We are not incentivized to steer your customers to lower-cost security options at the expense of your officers. We work for you, administering your rules, as your partner and agent, under an agreement with your municipality – that’s it.

We don’t force software on you, but it’s there if you want it.

In a world where we have options for just about anything, it was vital for us to provide a suite of offerings designed to fit your agencies unique needs best.

If you’re looking to eliminate the administrative burden of extra duty from your agency, our team of highly-trained professionals can take over those tedious and time-consuming tasks for you. We take the vendor calls, we create, send out, and follow-up on invoices, we administer officer payroll, etc.

  • When a utility company needs extra duty officers at 3 a.m. thanks to a water main break – we take the call, communicate the need to officers, schedule the officer and call the utility back to let them know help is on the way.
  • When an officer arrives at a job site and the vendor isn’t there, the officer calls us – we call the vendor and resolve the situation.
  • When an officer realizes he checked-out of a detail at the wrong time, and his pay is off – he calls us and we correct it.
  • When a vendor wants to know what rates are, or why there is a 4-hour minimum, or if officers can work a detail in plain clothes, or how many officers they’ll need for a 5K – they call us, and we handle that interaction.

If we can’t answer the question, like the number of officers needed for the 5K, we involve our agency liaison. Invoicing is entirely our problem: preparing, printing, sending out invoices; answering invoicing questions, following up on payments, etc. You no longer have to worry about any of that.

For those who have in-house help but want tools to streamline their operations, we have software that can help with that. Our public safety scheduling software solutions are recognized as best in class among industry leaders across the country.

We don't tie you into a long-term contract which costs you money.

Our service costs your agency and municipality nothing – ever. Our contract is month-to-month. You are unhappy with our service? Fire us at any time.

Need more info?

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We administer extra duty programs for law enforcement agencies.  We handle the customer interaction, the communication and scheduling of the details, the officer payment and the customer invoicing and collections.  In doing that we eliminate the financial risk and limit the legal risk for your department and municipality.

We are not a security firm.  We do not “sell” your officer’s services to local businesses.  We are a managed service provider. We administer your program under your direction and using your rules.  We are not a security company who works for their corporate clients supplying your officers. We work solely for you.

We just administer the program – we do all the work and limit the risk.  You still manage the program – you set the rates, the rules and so on. We work for you and take direction from you.

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