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Company History

Pre-Extra Duty Solutions
Jan. ’08 – June ’14
  • EDS founders engage with multiple Police Departments across the US for executive protection, factory and logistics security needs
  • “Free advice” to numerous corporate security professionals
Serving Corporations
June ’14 – Jan. ’17
  • EDS manages extra duty officer needs for several large corporations across the US; engages with multiple law enforcement agencies across the US.
  • EDS recognizes the need for a law enforcement managed solution to administer extra duty programs
Serving Law Enforcement
Feb. ’15 – Present

EDS expands infrastructure to work for law enforcement agencies:

  • First LEA client starts 1/16; two years later EDS is in 9 states
  • In 2017 corporate work is shuttered; corporate clients are handed off to security firms to avoid conflicts of interest.
  • Continued infrastructure growth and efficiency gains
  • In June 2019 EDS purchases Jivasoft

Growth Charts

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