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How well do you know your extra duty program and the risks associated with it?

Take Our Quick, 10-Question Quiz

Question 1 out of 10 :

Can you quickly produce a report showing which of your officers are currently working extra duty assignments, for which clients, and where they are physically located?

Question 2 out of 10 :

Can you quickly determine how many extra duty hours your officers worked in this calendar year, broken down by client and how much of the associated revenue is currently outstanding?

Question 3 out of 10 :

Does your extra duty program adhere to the requirements stated in section 22.3.5 of the CALEA standards?

Question 4 out of 10 :

Does your extra duty program adhere to the best practice principals the U.S. Department of Justice’s 2011 publication: Investigation of the New Orleans Police Department?

Question 5 out of 10 :

Would you say the manner in which your department makes officers aware of individual extra duty details is fair and does not expose your department to potential allegations of favoritism?

Question 6 out of 10 :

Would you consider posting all extra duty details which became available over the past week on a bulletin board every Thursday a fair way to make officers aware of such opportunities?

Question 7 out of 10 :

One of your officers is working an extra duty detail in a bank lobby when he or she injures a bank customer who then successfully sues the bank for damages. Is your department at legal risk if the bank’s liability insurance coverage does not contain a waiver of subrogation clause?

Question 8 out of 10 :

If an officer accompanied by a K9 is working an extra duty detail and a civilian claims the presence of the K9 resulted in bodily injury to him, would your department’s insurance cover legal expenses and any judgments associated with the incident?

Question 9 out of 10 :

Do you know how much of your department’s budget is adversely affected by financial float costs arising from your extra duty program?

Question 10 out of 10 :

Is part of your agency’s budget being spent on the administration of your extra duty program – either directly, as in technology costs, or indirectly, as in associated administration labor costs?

If you’d like to see how your answers compare to other quiz takers, we are happy to send that information to you!

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