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In 2015, EDS had a third party conduct a review of scheduling software platforms in both the law enforcement and hospital industries. The software which was judged to be best-in-class, based on several factors, including ease-of-use, robustness, reliability and cost, was Jivasoft’s On Duty Scheduling Software.



For several years, EDS and Jivasoft enjoyed an exclusive partnership, and in June of 2019, leadership from both organizations agreed to merge to provide a one-stop shop for law enforcement leaders who want best of breed scheduling software and extra duty administration services for their agency.

The acquisition gave EDS the ability to add Jivasoft’s flagship public safety scheduling products to their suite of offerings.

When combined, Jivasoft’s police officer scheduling systems and EDS’ extra duty program services give police departments complete transparency into on and off duty work schedules.

Our solution entails the following:

  • Real-time interaction between on and off-duty schedules. For example:
  • If an officer attempts to sign-up for an extra duty detail which conflicts with his on-duty schedule, he will receive a warning message, or not be allowed, to sign up for the detail. If that same officer receives approval for a vacation day, he will immediately be able to sign-up for the extra duty detail.
  • If the department has rules stemming across active and extra-duty schedules, those rules can be enforced. For example, officers cannot work more than 18 hours, in total, per day, or 60 hours per week.
  • Timing rules ensuring officers have enough travel time if working abutting extra/active details can be enforced.
  • Officers designated as on disciplinary action or light duty can automatically be precluded from being assigned extra duty details during that period.
  • On Duty Scheduling Software and Extra Duty Solution’s software are cloud-based and do not require local hosting or interaction with department systems.
  • In addition to Extra Duty Solution’s service costing the department/municipality nothing, we can typically include the cost of On Duty Scheduling Software into Extra Duty Solution’s fees, resulting in no charge for personnel scheduling software and extra duty program administration.
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