Extra Duty Solutions administers extra duty programs for Law Enforcement Agencies. We handle the administrative burden and mitigate the risk associated with such programs.

Pre-Detail Phone or Web-based Interaction

  • Client calls or emails initiating a detail request.
  • The department’s dedicated account reps field the request. Each department has at least one primary and one secondary (backup) account rep. EDS does not utilize a random call center approach.
  • Incoming requests are handled 24/7.
  • Account rep has all rates/rules/ local map, client history on-screen before call is answered.
  • Repeat client details (same thing as last month…) can be auto-populated making for very efficient client call.
  • Gray area requests to designated department contact on an as needed/batch mode.

Pre-Detail Web Interaction

  • Recurring clients have the ability to set up an “account” from which they can submit web-based detail requests.
  • Requests are reviewed and handled by primary/secondary account reps.

Post-Detail Interaction

  • Clients have the opportunity to provide EDS with feedback on any aspect of the completed detail. Additionally, EDS proactively solicits feedback from new clients or new detail types.
  • Feedback from the Officer(s) or department is communicated/ discussed with the Client as needed and desired.

Detail Posting and Sign-Up

  • EDS account reps enter pertinent information into the scheduling portal: location, date, times, detail expectations, client, etc.
  • “Open detail” notification is posted in accordance with department rules…
  • … postings can be viewed upon sign-on by individual Officer and/or “pushed” to Officers via email and/or text (Officer’s choice) in the event of last minute needs.
  • Officers sign up also according to department rules (ie, new details can be offered by tenure, date of last off-duty engagement, all-at-once, etc.).
  • Officers signing up for details are verified against department rules (ie, have not signed up for more than 20 hours of off-duty work that week, etc.) and informed via email/text of their assignment which contains all pertinent information including expandable map.

Detail Confirmation and Review

  • Officers receive reminder email/text prior to detail.
  • Officers have ability to sign-in/out via land line or mobile confirming detail attendance.
  • Department leadership can view real-time on-line reports of detail prior, present and future schedules customized by any time period and filtered by Client, Officer, detail type and several of methods.
  • Rates are set by department; Clients are invoiced according to department timing requirements: prior to detail, day of detail, week of, etc.
  • Clients can be invoiced via hardcopy or PDF email.
  • All Client payments flow through EDS to ensure proper transparency and reporting.
  • EDS follows-up with delinquent Clients and involve department leadership when appropriate.
  • Officers are paid either through the current department process or directly from EDS on a weekly basis.
  • EDS ensures the complete flow of payments is transparent and properly tracked.
  • Extra Duty Solutions finances the float: EDS pays officers / department the week of detail and collects payment from the client.
    • The officers and department do not have to wait, incur costs, nor tie up budget waiting for clients to pay.
  • Extra Duty Solutions accepts the credit risk: If the client fails to pay, EDS accepts the loss. Officers get paid regardless of collections success or timing.
  • Extra Duty Solutions protects all off duty officers with full professional/ general liability and optional occupational hazard insurance:
    • Liability insurance issued through Hiscox and underwritten by Lloyd’s of London.
  • Our insurance specifically protects both W2 and 1099 armed workers acting in a security capacity and includes waiver of subrogation for our police departments and their officers.
    • This is of critical importance for our police departments as it disallows legal action against the police department / officer from the insurance firm in the event of a claim.
  • Well beyond standard liability, our insurance encompasses damage to remises, K-9s, assault and battery, no-fault medical pay coverage, automobile coverage, data and privacy breach coverage, and physical/ financial/ data theft and crime coverage.
  • We leave the decision making with you: program rules, rates, etc. – while we take on the full administrative burden.
  • We transfer the cost of operating the program from your department and the taxpayer base to the clients of the program.
    • We do not charge the department any fees for our service.
    • Clients who use the program pay for it; nobody else pays.
  • We “free up” the individuals who are currently administering the program so they can protect and serve or work on other department needs likely more consistent with their skills, interests and tenure level.
  • We provide a high-level of customer service to your clients with dedicated customer service reps.
    • Calls are answered quickly, reps have needed information to handle client needs on one call, emailed and web-based client detail inquiries can be handled, etc.
  • Our call management software is the same software used by several best-in-practice major corporate customer service centers. Our service provides full transparency into program activities, finances, details and client activities along with highly flexible and robust reporting for department leadership.
  • The risk of favoritism or unfairness accusations is mitigated.
  • Financial and legal risk can be mitigated.

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