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In support of its annual growth plan, EDS has opened its latest operations center. The newest location will operate as both an IT Development Center and Continuity of Operations (COOP) site in San Antonio, Texas. This will be a co-location…
EDS’ Director of Operations, Keith McTigue, shares an overview of his day-to-day responsibilities, his background in coast guard aviation, and insights into the company’s recent technological advancements.
Does your extra duty program cause inefficiencies such as inaccurate detail awarding processes, payroll nightmares, and endless collection calls? Good news is that you’re not alone and this all avoidable. Download our webinar on-demand to learn more.
Our CEO, Rich Milliman joins host, Gresham Harkless in an exclusive interview on the IAMCEO podcast. During this episode, Rich discusses the importance of doing something that you’re passionate about and shares insights into what it means to him to…
EDS’ Account Manager, Thea Elliott, talks about her day-to-day responsibilities, company culture, and how her husband inspires her.
In this episode, Rich joins host, Rob Layman to discuss extra duty assignment best practices as well as insights into liability coverage for officers working extra duty.
In this episode, Rich shares the origin of Extra Duty Solutions, how the company has evolved since its inception and discusses the benefits of having an extra duty program and how to avoid pitfalls that can affect the agencies, customers,…
Host, Patrick Fitzgibbons welcomes CEO of Extra Duty Solutions, Rich Milliman to the CJ Evolution Podcast. In this episode, Rich shares how he and fellow co-founder, Adam Bryan, created the market for extra duty service providers and how EDS helps…
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Trumbull, CT: Extra Duty Solutions has announced their acquisition of Texas based software company, Jivasoft, effective June 24, 2019. Rich Milliman, CEO of Extra Duty Solutions states: “When we started our company in 2015, we knew we would need world-class…
EDS’ Account Manager, Debbie Vallot, shares her experience working with off-duty police officers, favorite activities outside of the office, and who inspires her most.
Finding the right Extra Duty Administration Service Partner to handle your agency’s unique needs can be a challenging task.
EDS’ Accounting Manager, Andrea Everett, shares insights into her role and responsibilities, how she got started, as well as her thoughts about the company’s employee-friendly environment.
EDS Bolsters Roster while Expanding NJ Presence
EDS’ Finance Representative, Ambit Tawah, shares her favorite company perks, who inspires her and much more during her Employee Spotlight Interview.
Let’s start with your path into law enforcement. Did you have a lot of family members in the field? Actually no. I had a cousin who was in law enforcement, but that’s it. My path started from my military service.…
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